The Showground can be the meeting place of goat-minded people from near and far. Much can be gained from other breeders. No matter how long one has kept goats, there is always something new to be learned.

The showing of one's goats can be an absorbing hobby. The thrill of gaining a place with a beloved animal is worth all the extra effort in preparation. We learn the good points as well as the bad of our pride and joy. One can be too close to see the faults. It sometimes needs the eye of another person to bring them out for us to see. We learn to judge a good type of dairy goat by watching the judge and noting how he places the animals. We learn to lose in a sportsmanlike manner.

The preparation for showing starts some weeks beforehand. The feeding of a little linseed meal in the concentrate rations gives the coat a silky sheen. Any dosing of worms needs to be carried out well before to allow the goat time to put condition on. If the hooves have been neglected it may take some time to get them back into first-class order. Grooming every day is a big help in getting the coat into show condition.

Training the goat to lead properly is a big asset in the show ring. One that baulks and needs a helping hand to walk around the ring, cannot show itself to the best advantage. Train the animal to walk with its head held proudly, and to stand pose when necessary. Train her or him to pose with the front feet slightly apart, the back legs slightly back. Stubborn movers can be made to respond to a gentle pull of the collar by a sharp slap with a roller-up newspaper, the combined smack and loud noise getting immediate response.

The day before the show, if the day is fine and sunny, give the goat a wash using soap-less shampoo. Rinse well, then give a final rinse of cold water in which some washing blue has been added. A brisk rub with a towel to remove excess moisture, then leave her to dry in a warm sheltered spot away from draughts; or use a hair-dryer or vacuum cleaner. When partly dry, a good brushing smoothes the coat into position.

from ''Household Dairy Goat for Beginners'' by Joyce Collins    

NZDGBA Approved Judges List 2015-16

Breed and Area Shows

Breed Clubs and Area Clubs run shows around the country.  Please contact them for more information on shows in your area.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NZ and its affiliated societies organise A & P shows and these are listed on the RAS website.  Note that not all A & P shows have a goat section