Frequently Asked Questions

Nigerian Dwarf goats( a miniature dairy breed) have recently been imported into New Zealand and are now recognised the NZ Dairy Goat Breeders Association. Please contact the NZ Nigerian Dwarf goats breeders assn There are also 2 small NZ feral breeds - the Arapawa Island Goat or the Rawhiti Goat. Some of them can be quite small, but there is no guarantee that subsequent generations will remain small. Neither breed is as small as the Nigerian Dwarf  and  the African Pygmy Goat breeds.

For a good milking doe, with production records and NZDGBA classification, you would expect to pay anything from $350 to $750.
For quality pedigree kids the price could be from $ $400

Goats are not natural swimmers. Their coats do not contain oils as in sheep's coats, and they chill quite readily when wet and cold. However, they may be tempted to cross waterways in search of food, so it pays to keep them well fed to avoid the possibility.

Usually recommended is 4-6 goats per acre, depending on pasture. Goats are browsers, not grazers, and require roughage usually in the form of good hay or meal to supplement good pasture.
You could have them indoors and bring all the food to them - grass, tree fodder, hay, silage, meal etc.
They also need plenty of good clean water.