The Dairy Goat News is the monthly magazine of the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association Inc. It is produced every month except January.

The "DGN" is our vehicle to share information with members about matters dealt with at committee meetings, show results, interesting local and international events in the goat world.

Advertising is available in the "DGN" at the following rates:

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The Association has various categories of membership including Double (including partnerships and companies), Single, Intermediate, Junior, Affiliated Clubs, Associate and Honorary Life. Please check Regulation 21 Membership for eligibility. Current subscription rates are:

Intermediate (15-18 years
Junior (under 15)
Associate (magazine only)
Affiliated Club
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The Association maintains a register of stud stock.

Registration Prices

HR, AR, Xbred Does
Under 1 Year
- First 1 - 10 registrations
- 11th onward registrations
Does 1 year and over
HR and AR Bucks
Under 1 year
1 year and over
Recorded Grade
Does and Bucks
Transfers (includes pedigree)
Leases (includes pedigree)
Pedigree printout

Classification is a method of appraising a goat's traits compared with an ideal. This service is offered once a year to members.

You can see a sample form by clicking here. This shows you what traits are scored out of 10.

For full details, go to the Policies and Procedures page and click on Classification.

Does which conform to the breed characteristics of any one of the recognised dairy breeds and are free of disqualifying faults appropriate to the breed but which are not eligible for Herd Register or Crossbred Record may be recorded in Appendices.

On passing inspection by a person appointed by NZDGBA a doe meeting the above criteria, having kidded, being of good dairy type and preferably (but not necessarily) of known pedigree will be placed on Appendix D. Applications should be made to the Registrar or the Classification convenor, and each application will be considered on its individual merits.

The NZDGBA offers a service to members to record the production (herd test) of their does.

Check out the Policies and Procedures for Herd Production Recording for more details.

Udder ClassThe NZDGBA initiated the formation of regional clubs around the regions of New Zealand. As populations change, so breeders and their goats come and go, and sadly some of these clubs have disbanded. Please see the page on Affiliated Clubs, to see if there is one in your area.

Any club affiliated to our Association can hold shows which are eligible for 'points', and these points count towards annual awards. Also animals which win various classes are eligible for breed awards, champion awards and grand champion awards. See our Regulations for more details on gaining show awards.

If there are enough breeders or interested parties keen to re-establish a club, please contact the Association for assistance.


The Association produces annually a Herd Book which holds information about all goats registered during that period, together with details of awards, classification scores, production records, transfers and leases.

The herd book also contains the latest Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures and Breed Standards.

This book is offered to members at a reduced price for pre-ordering, and is available post production to all interested persons at the regular price.

Businesses and studs are welcome to advertise in this book. Please contact the Registrar for prices.

The Association has a number of publications for sale or free to members, available from the Registrar.

These include:

An Aid to Breeding, Showing and Classification - updated information for new breeders. Old breeders might find something useful in it as well! Free to members when you send a stamped addressed envelope.

Goat Notes Folder - 44 pages of articles of particular interest to new breeders. $7.50.

Handbook on Showing - available to members free when you send a stamped addressed envelope.

Available to members. Accredited herds must be kept within a secure perimeter fence and guarded against contact with non-accredited, untested or infected goats. All goats on a property over 1 year of age must be tested annually for 3 years, then after three clear accreditation tests, triennially. Any goats with a positive reaction must be quarantined or destroyed.

Participants in the scheme agree to requirements set down by NZDGBA, including allowing their accreditation to be published in the Dairy Goat News.

Download an Application Form - Form CAE-1

Form CAE-2

Form CAE-3