Registration of Goats Registered with Other Associations

1        PREAMBLE

1.1      There are now three dairy goat organisations affiliated to the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand. With already restricted gene pools, it is necessary to be able to transfer goats registered with those other organisations to our register.


2.1 Regulations 12 and 13 deal with imported goats and animals registered or recorded outside New Zealand but kept in New Zealand. It is our aim to set guidelines for placement of goats registered with other organisations along similar lines.


3.1       Application to register with NZDGBA goats currently registered with other organisations shall be made in writing to the NZDGBA council.

3.2       Application to register shall be accompanied by a full numbered pedigree certified by the other organisation.

3.3       Declaration of transfer must be provided.

3.4       A fee equal to the cost of a transfer is payable when the application is made. This will be refunded if the application is declined.

3.5       The goat will receive a new registration number when registered with NZDGBA and it will be included in our Herd Book. If additional goats need to be placed on our register to complete the lineage, those additional goats will retain the number from their registering organisation and will not appear in our Herd Book.

3.6      Placement of progeny of goats so registered with NZDGBA shall be in accordance with the Rules and Regulation sof NZDGBA.


4.1      In the event of any question arising as to the administration, operation or interpretation of the policies and procedures, the NZDGBA Council shall consider the matter and its decision shall be final.