Embryo Recovery and Transplant

1.         OBJECTIVES
1.1       To set out the procedure for registering or recording of kids resulting from embryo transplants.

2.         PROCEDURES
2.1       The application to register is to be accompanied by an EMBRYO RECOVERY AND TRANSPLANT CERTIFICATE in three parts:


  1. Complete details of the donor doe
  2. Complete details of the buck used to cover the donor doe.  If you do not own or lease the buck at the date of service then Section 3 is to be completed and signed by the owner of the buck at the time of actual service.  Owner of the donor doe is to sign this section.
  3. Section to be completed if required, and signed by the buck’s owner/lessee.
  4. Veterinarian is to complete and sign this section at the time of collection of embryos.

To be completed when a transfer of ownership of an embryo is being made, and signed by the vendor.


  1. Complete details including those of the donor doe and the number of fertilised embryos.
  2. Complete details of recipient doe. The recipient must have some form of permanent identification, i.e. tattoos/brass ear tag.  To be signed by the veterinarian performing the transplant.
  3. This section to be completed only if the recipient is sold prior to the birth of the transplant progeny.
  4. Complete after birth of the progeny.  An application card must be provided for each kid claimed by transplant and details on the card must correspond to this section

2.2       All parts of the Certificate are to be forwarded to the Registrar with application cards attached, where they will be treated in the usual manner for registration.

2.3       All options on the application card relating to birth number should be deleted (i.e. single, twin, quad etc.)

2.4       The letters “ET” will replace the birth number on the Registration Certificate and in the Herd Book.

2.5       Ear tattoos are to be strictly as laid down in the regulations.  On no account should ET be added to an ear tattoo.

2.6       Clarification on any point should only be sought from the Registrar.

2.7       It is not necessary to return any part of the Certificate until applying for registration of progeny.

2.8       The NZDGBA retains the right to request any details that may be necessary to confirm the breeding of Embryo Transfer progeny, including blood tests.

3.         NAMING OF KIDS  
3.1       Kids born resulting from embryo transplant shall take the Prefix of the owner of the donor doe when fertilisation took place.

3.2       The requirement of 3.1 also applies when registering kids resulting from embryos imported from overseas.  In this way all kids from the same flushing will carry the same prefix.

3.3       The identification of kids born as a result of embryo transplant shall carry the registered ear tattoos of the owner at the time of birth.

4.1       In the event of any question arising as to the administration, operation or interpretation of the policies and procedures, the NZDGBA Council shall consider the matter and its decision shall be final.