Annual Conference

1.         OBJECTIVES
1.1       To ensure the annual conference is held at varying locations around the country.

1.2       To ensure the host clubs understand what is required of them by the Association.

2.1       Applications for hosting the Conference are to be made in writing to the Association.  If more than one application for the same year is made then it is to be voted on at the preceding AGM.  If all applications are made after AGM then Council will accept the first application as long as Clause 2.2 is adhered to.

2.2       The Association will ensure that conference is held two years in the North Island and then one year in the South Island as long as applications support this.

3.         GUIDELINES
3.1       A proposed programme is to be submitted to the NZDGBA Council by the host club for perusal at the July meeting preceding the Conference.

3.2       Council reserves the right to change the programme to ensure all meetings and clinics are included but must inform the host club immediately after the July meeting.

3.3       If necessary a reviewed programme is to be presented to Council at the October meeting.

3.4       Host club is to book a venue with at least one conference room seating up to 50 people for the AGM.

3.5       Host club is to engage a minute secretary.   If possible, arrangement is to be made for the minutes to be typed directly into a computer so that they are available for publication in the next copy of the Dairy Goat News.

3.6       Conference programme is to be published in the February Dairy Goat News.

4.1       Where possible the host club is to ensure the venue has varying prices of accommodation or the opportunity for members to share rooms to help with costs.

4.2       The host club is to advise the accommodation complex of the arrival time of all attendees so the rooms are ready when members arrive, regardless of the time of the day.

5.1       Council requires a full day before the conference begins to have its first meeting. 

6.1       The Annual General Meeting needs a minimum of a half day allocated to it in the programme.

6.2       Morning or afternoon tea is to be supplied by the host club during the AGM break but will be reimbursed. 

7.         OPEN FORUM
7.1       Open Forum meetings may be required by Council.  These will take the form of a structured session and are more productive if the host club has arranged someone to chair this meeting.  The chair should not be a current member and may not take part in the discussions except to chair the meeting.  The President should not chair this meeting.

8.         BREED CLUBS
8.1       Most breed clubs will make the most of the opportunity of having most of its members in one part of the country and will have their meetings at conference, however it is not necessary.
8.2       The host club is to ensure a full morning is left free for the breed club meetings in the programme and as soon as the Council has approved the programme the host club must notify all 5 breed clubs with the times allocated so they can in turn notify their members.

8.3       Breed clubs are to set their own meeting place at conference and if requiring a large venue they must coordinate with the host club and if a special room has to be booked then that will be paid for by the breed club requesting it.    

9.1       The only requirement from Council is for presentations of trophies to take place after dinner. 

10.1     A registration fee is charged to cover costs such as morning and afternoon teas, photocopying, postage etc.  This amount is set by the host club.

10.2     Form must ask if any special circumstances exist such as special diets or children attending so they can be catered for.

10.3     Arrival time of all attendees and mode of transport to be requested on form so there is someone to meet them when they arrive.

11.       FINANCES
11.1     Host club is to deposit all incoming money to and pay all expenses from its own bank account.

11.2     The NZDGBA will reimburse the host club for the AGM conference room together with the wages (if any) for the minute secretary and afternoon/morning tea during the AGM on receipt of an invoice from the host club.

11.3    All members attending conference must pay for their own accommodation and meals and those members entitled to reimbursements must apply to the Treasurer of the NZDGBA for reimbursements.

11.4    All advertisements in the Dairy Goat News for conference are free of charge.

12.       CONCLUSION
12.1     The Annual Conference is a wonderful time for the host club to show other members what their areas and members have to offer.  A well organised conference where everyone knows what is happening and has all their needs catered for, is assured of being a success.  

13.1     In the event of any question arising as to the administration, operation or interpretation of the policies and procedures, the NZDGBA Council shall consider the matter and its decision shall be final.