Thebridge Award

1.         OBJECTIVES
1.1       To have an annual award to recognise the best buck of each breed calculated on milk records and classification scores of female progeny.

2.         GUIDELINES
2.1       The original $1000 donated by Mr Frank Thebridge is to be banked into a savings account where the interest accrued will be used to purchase yearly awards.  The principle must never be used.

2.2       Applications are called for in the February issue of the Dairy Goat News and close on 31 March each year.      

2.3       Applications are to be sent to the Registrar.

3.1       Application must be made on the official form by the owner or lessee of the buck.

3.2       Buck must be registered on the New Zealand Herd Register for his breed.

3.3       Buck must have a minimum of 5 officially herd tested daughters, excluding Appendix D, Crossbred X and Recorded Grade does.  Herd test results must have been sent to the NZDGBA herd production officer.

3.4       The buck must also have a minimum of 5 daughters who have current classifications.  The junior score of a doe over 4 years of age is not included unless she has died before reaching 4 years of age (subject to the death being advised).

3.5       Buck must be alive and available for outside service (subject to refusal of service for does with undesirable diseases etc.) or dead with frozen semen available for public sale.

4.1       Registrar to print off a list of all female progeny of buck applying for award.  Include progeny’s registered prefix, name and registration number.  Send this list to the Lifetime Production Recording Officer on the 1st of April each year.

4.2.      Lifetime Production Recording Officer to calculate score on milk production as follows:
Average yearly production i.e. 1998/99 838; 1999/00 700 would make a total production of 1538 which divided by 2 gives average yearly production of 769 litres.  Send the list back to Registrar by 15th of April with average score recorded beside each doe.

4.3       Registrar to add up the scores of all the does with production records, then divide by 10, then divide by 1.5 and then divide by the number of does eligible.
i.e. doe 1 - 750 litres, doe 2 - 856 litres, doe 3 - 646 litres.  Total = 2252.  Divide by 10 = 225.2.  Divide by 1.5 = 150.13.  Divide by number of does (3) = 50.04.  Round to whole units, under .50 rounded down, .50 and above rounded up.

4.4       Registrar to print off all classification scores for female progeny and add up all scores and divide by number of does.  Junior scores expire when the goat reaches 4 years of age and these scores are not included unless the goat died before reaching 4 years.
            If a doe has a senior score and an excellent score, then the highest score to be used.
            Calculation example
            doe 1   4-03 88 125 51
            doe 2   5-04 90 127 53
            doe 3   5-04 90 130 49
            88 + 90 + 90 = 268, divided by number of does (3) = 89.33 (rounded down to 89)
4.5       Registrar to calculate the winners and other placegetters.
4.6       Registrar to type up results and send to Show Secretary to add to list of other annual awards for conference.

4.7       All paperwork to be filed with final results sheet on the top.  Registrar to take this to conference with medals..

5.         MEDALS
5.1       The Registrar is to purchase medals for each breed with eligible applications.
            Each of the medals is engraved in the following manner.
            Front of medal to be engraved: THEBRIDGE AWARD
            Back of medal to be engraved with
                        BREED (upper case)
                        Goat Name (lower case)

5.2       Registrar is to bring medals to annual conference for presentation with all annual awards.

5.3       Registrar is to send list of applicants and scores to the Editor of the Dairy Goat News for publication in the June magazine.


6.1       In the event of any question arising as to the administration, operation or interpretation of the policies and procedures, the NZDGBA Council shall consider the matter and its decision shall be final.