Useful Links

This page offers links to websites from all around the world that we can recommend:


New Zealand Links

New Zealand Nubians

The Goat Farmer
Site for the Goat Farmer magazine.

Dairy Goat Co-Operative (New Zealand) Ltd
Dairy Goat Co-Operative (NZ) Ltd is the manufacturer of Nanny Goat Lane. DGC is a Hamilton based co-operative of dairy goat farmers who are located in the Waikato, Northland and Taranaki.

NZ Nigeran Dwarf Goats Breeders Assn

Canterbury Dairy Goat Breeders Association

Aroha Organic Goat Cheese
Organic goat cheese.

Crescent Dairy Goats
Fresh organic goats milk, yoghurt and award-winning cheeses.

Diane Craw Nubians

Farmers Web
Website for New Zealand farmers and the rural communities.

Lifestyle Block
For information on living and farming on a lifestyle block

USA Links

The American Dairy Goat Association
Information on the American Dairy Goat Association.

Californian 4H

Cyber Goats

Four Seasons Farm

UK Links

The British Goat Society
The official site for The British Goat Society with lots of information and links.

Goat Genetics.
Semen available from top-class UK males available for export. All from high-health status and milk-recorded herds, Email Christine Ball for more information.

UK goats

Australian Links

The Dairy Goat Society of Australia
Lots of information on the Dairy Goat Society of Australia.

Dairy Australia

Victorian Dairy Goat Pages

The Australian Association for Dairy Goats

Other International Goat Associations

The International Boer Goat Association
Information on the International Boer Goat Association

International Sable Breeders Association
Lots and lots of links on Sables all over the world.

Alpines International
Find out about Alpines all around the world.

Other links

The Amazing Goat
Developed by Dr Meg Smart, this blogspot gives members an opportunity to find and share information on important goat topics.

i.Agri : Accounting and Book Keeping
i.Agri Ltd develops and markets the 'Landmark Software for the Land and Small Business' range of software which is written specifically for farm and business accounting operations in all countries around the world.

New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Information on safety issues with foods in New Zealand.

Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand
There are a number of rare livestock breeds currently found in New Zealand. These range from breeds for which numbers are so small that their survival is endangered to minority breeds which need to be kept under surveillance. The Rare Breeds Conservation Society was formed to conserve, record and promote these breeds with the particular aim of maintaining genetic diversity within our livestock species.

Henry Milker Milking Machine is the Australian distributor for this small hand-operated milking machine. Click on the link for a video demonstration. They stock the Henry Milker 2, which will milk both teats at once directly into storage jars.

Jeffco International Ltd
Based in Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand, and with isolation facilities and local access to international shipping, Jeffco International Ltd is backed by over 40 years of experience. The company incorporates Land investment, Livestock and Product Export/Import, International Trade Facilitation, Student Education Placements and Freighting Services.

Farm Index
A gateway to farming site in New Zealand.

Saratoga Dairy Goat Cheeses.
For New Zealand made goats' milk cheeses.

Starshine Enterprizes.
To download a demo of the Animal*trac programme for dairy goats.


Come to the Farm
Come to the Farm

International site with links for agriculture

Foto Search
Download clip art, photos etc. Thousands of images royalty free.

Gelato Products
US based site for products and supplies for making gelato, yoghurt, icecream etc

Can Stock Photo
Numerous goat related images. Free weekly downloads with thousands of new images added every week.

Go Graph Stock Photography
Flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics