About us

We encourage the breeding of dairy producing goats to the highest standards, and provide and contribute to prizes and awards in connection with breeding, rearing and showing of goats.

We maintain a register of stud stock and encourage members to place their goats on this register. That way the goat's lineage is on record and any of the goat's achievements, such as production awards, classification scores and show awards, are recorded. These achievements are on the goat's pedigree forever.

Wherever possible we promote the recognised dairy goat breeds and the interests of the members of the Association.

Our History

New Zealand Dairy Goat Association

21 July 1955
The first meeting of the New Zealand Dairy Goat Association was held on 21st July 1955.
Those present were Mr Huxtable, Mr Julian, Mr Dyett, Mr Dyson, Mr Hartman, Mr Collins, Mr Bell, Mr Stainsby, Mrs Finan, Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Gabb and Mrs Bell.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on 18th July 1956
Those present were Mrs Gabb, Mr Gabb, Mrs Finan, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Atkinson, Miss J Atkinson, Mrs Bell, Mr Collins, Mr Adams, Mr Hartmann, Mr Evans, Mr Bell (chairman) and Mr Dyett (Secretary)

Waikato Dairy Goat Club

29 July 1967
Mrs C Barrett offered to help form a Waikato Goat Club.

18 May 1968
A meeting of the Waikato members present elected the following members as officers of the Waikato Dairy Goat Club
President Mr G Simons Moved Mrs Barrett, Seconded Miss D Barrett
Vice-President Mrs M Hodgson Moved Mrs Barrett, Seconded Mrs Lusby
Secretary/Treasurer Mrs C Barrett Moved Mrs Lusby, Seconded Mrs Simons
Open meetings. Quorum of 5 including 2 officers.

Auckland Goat Club

6 February 1969
" Meeting to be held on February 22nd at the S.P.C.A. Hall if possible, if not, at the Epsom showgrounds. Notices of the meeting to be inserted in the Herald and Star, Feb 8th & 15th. The Secretary to write to the N.Z.B.C. and inform them that the Auckland Goat Club is to be formed to cater for the pet goat owners as well as the pedigree show goat, and the dairy goat kept to give milk for sick babies etc.
The secretary to write to the Whangarei S.P.C.A. to get a meeting organised to start a Goat Club in Northland"

22 February 1969
Auckland Goat Club: Inaugural meeting - 16 people in attendance

Northland Goat Club

26 April 1970
"The Inaugural meeting of the Northland Goat Club will be held on Saturday, April 26th 1970 at the Committee Rooms of the Whangarei A & P Association, Dent Street, Whangarei, at 2.30pm. All interested parties are welcome, so if you have friends who have a pet goat or any interest in goats at all, tell them about the meeting, and ask them along. The purpose of the club is to promote any sort of goaty activities in Northland, be they Shows, Field Days, Lectures, Discussions, or just plain social get-togethers!! We have a strong membership in the North of the New Zealand Dairy Goat Association (Now the New Zealand Goat Breeders Association Inc) so lets see you all there. Quite a number of the committee of the N.Z.G.B.A. will be making the trip to get the Club started, so please do not let them down. Publications and N.Z.D.B.A. forms will be available at the meeting, and there will be afternoon tea. Ladies, a plate please!!"

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